SPOJ, ideone, and TEST

September 14, 2010 at 05:53 (computer language, tutorial)

Background: I introduced SPOJ in a previous post.

ideone is an excellent tool that allows you to write and execute code in many languages, all online. It’s basically a pastebin with added functionality, making it an online mini-IDE. It is based on the SPOJ engine but supports some languages that SPOJ does not.

I’m mainly writing this post to report a useful discovery regarding ideone and the first SPOJ problem, TEST. If you happen to know a language like JavaScript and would like to submit a solution to TEST but can’t figure out how I/O is supposed to work, there is an easy solution through ideone. Simply go there, set the language to say JavaScript (rhino) and use the link to insert sample that appears above the textarea. A basic solution to TEST in the given language will magically appear, complete with sample input. This seems to work for just about any language on the list (even Whitespace!), and could come in handy when there is no corresponding thread in the SPOJ forums.


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